The daily work at the office is a juicy challenge.

Every day the team is involved heart and soul seeking a sensible response for each project focused both on social and cultural responsibility.

Creativity is used to promote new ways of living aiming the construction of a better and more humane society.

The studio António Costa Lima Arquitectos is established since 2012. It comes out of the old L Arquitectos (1993-2012) with the intention of continuing the work of one of his former partners – António Costa Lima.

The company develops its activity in a multidisciplinary way, by multiplying experience in various sectors: residential, educational, corporate office, service and industrial buildings.

We can highlight refurbishment, extension, new construction and interior projects, as well as concept development for real estate and resorts, feasibility studies, design and brand image and work supervision.


António Costa Lima

Partner – Senior Architect/ Creative Director

André Pinto da Cunha

Architect / Project developer

Bernardo Lino

Designer / Project Developer

Hugo Lopes Martins

Architect / Project Developer

Joaquim Costa Lima

Business manager

Luís Cardiga Santos

Architect / Project Developer

Pavel Rosales Espinoza

Architect / Project Developer

Teresa Cândido

Architect / Project Developer